Sunday, April 17, 2011

Compass Bible Church

Accompanied my girlfriend today to her church in Laguna Hills. It was a wonderful experience and I'm glad I got to share Palm Sunday with her. The message was clear. God's chosen people are not those who He feels are the "best of the best" but they are instead people who NEED God in their lives to help guide them in the right direction. It's kind of hard to explain but it makes a lot of sense. Like Pastor Mike explained today, "Get used to an unimpressive court". There are some unlikely Princes and Princesses in the Bible, yet God called to them to share the good news and carry out a mission for Him. Just like Gideon and David, God called upon them to lead a small army into a battle that couldn't be won. They both were put into a situation where physically they would fail. How does an army of 300 beat an army of 132,000 people? With God's guidance of course! He sometimes comes through to us in the form of an angel like He did for Gideon. Faith in God is so powerful and I am starting to understand it the more I read the Bible. I actually cried when I started reading the Gospel a few months ago just to see what Jesus went through to save us.
I hope to be able to go back to this church in the near future. I really enjoyed the donuts and coffee afterwards as well as the palms that were a symbol of Jesus' coronation. Amen to that. I felt like the traditions I grew up with as a Catholic were still honored at this church, even though I was in a Christian setting.
A nice lunch in Old Town Tustin was wonderful as well. Perfect Sunday. Thank you Jesus for allowing me to see the beauty of another day!

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