Monday, April 18, 2011


So I just finished talking to a mommy at work that is feeling like she has low self-esteem because of the fact that she feels like a failure sometimes. This mom, mind you, does SO much for her child that there is NO reason she should feel that way in my eyes. So when do us women get to the point where we feel that there is no hope to advance ourselves in our lives? Isn't a man supposed to be your support system at home? Isn't he the one that is supposed to push you to be a better person not only for your family but for yourself. I look at successful marriages out there in the land of celebrities, and there aren't that many. Men, it's time you wake up and realize what you have before it's gone! And women, if a man doesn't appreciate you for who you are as an individual, then go out there and do something nice for yourself. Don't let anyone bring you down. A shout out to all the married women out there being the rock in their relationship. Men, time to step it up and appreciate your woman before another man sweeps her off her feet! You want this Latina to cook and clean for you, then your behind better get up every morning and get on the grind to pay them bills! If you want this woman to bear your kids, then you make sure you do your part and take care of your woman (financially, emotionally, etc.) It is considered a blessing to have found a wife, and so it says in the Bible you better take care of that wife of yours before it's too late...

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