Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Top Ten Girlfriend Getaway locations

1. Dance the Night Away: Miami, Florida

2. Sport and Serenity: Sedona, Arizona

3. Toast to the Past: Charleston, South Carolina

4. Paint the Town Pink: Las Vegas, Nevada

5. Shop 'til You Drop: New York City, New York

6. Organic Getaway: Portland, Oregon

7. Honky Tonk'n Good Time: Nashville, Tennessee

8. The Royal Treatment: Palm Springs, California

9. Sun, Surf and Shopping: Waikiki, Hawaii

10. Learning with the Ladies: San Antonio, Texas

*List is courtesy of Trip Advisor

My favorite place to escape to is Palm Springs since it is so close to Orange County. Just a little less than 2 hours away. There are some fabulous spas out there. I definitely recommend the Spa Resort Casino. I've been there twice and loved the spa treatments and the private mineral water pool at the end. It is even a family place as well. Some family friendly locations include the Zoo and the Walk of Stars in the downtown area. George Lopez has a star there! He is the only name we recognized! lol. That homeboy plays WAY too much golf. lol. They even had a shop where you can look up your family last name and where you could purchase a family crest. I think this next time, I will go with the girlfriends for a quick spa getaway. Been trying to do it the past two years however we haven't been able to make it! Let's get to it already!

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