Thursday, May 5, 2011

National Day of Prayer

Well I just learned today that our country celebrates a National Day of Prayer on the first Thursday in May every year. I celebrated by listening to some of Pastor Rick Warren's sermon today during lunch hour. It was great to listen to part of it at least. He mentioned 19 sins where we boast as individuals during the end of the sermon and they are listed below in English. (He translated it into English from Greek during the sermon)

1. self-absorbed
2. money-focused
3. self-promoting
4. status-conscious
5. God-insulting
6. rude & disrespectful
7. unappreciative
8. crude & profane
9. unkind & heartless
10. unwilling to forgive
11. slanders & gossips
12. impulsive & uncontrolled
13. loves violence
14. cynical-hates do-gooders
15. double-dealing
16. reckless & rash
17. puffed up with pride
19. choosing pleasure over God

Look over the list!! You know you're in there! Doesn't hurt to pray about it. "I can change" like John Legend said. Amen.

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