Saturday, January 14, 2012

Volunteering is good for the soul

I've been doing a lot of volunteer projects lately and I wanted to share with you how rewarding it is to provide a service to those less fortunate. Last summer, I was able to help paint an alternative high school in the city of Orange and not only was it rewarding but it was also humbling to know how much it was appreciated when we saw the principal tear up over the kindness of strangers to spread some love and kindness. It also brought a smile to my face to know that when the teens would return to school in the fall, they would see their newly transformed school with a new coat of paint and a new garden as well.

Recently, I have begun volunteering for an organization that assists people who are looking for work and I also find it very rewarding to know that I can help people look professional when interviewing for jobs.

I highly recommend volunteering for everyone. I have always enjoyed giving my time for a greater cause and hope to inspire others to do the same. There are a lot of folks out there who will appreciate a simple act of kindness.

"Love your neighbor as yourself"

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