Thursday, July 26, 2012

Flower bouquets at Home Depot

Just recently my mother celebrated her 62nd birthday (thank you God) and I wanted to buy her a flower arrangement and some flan to brighten up her day. I remembered she had mentioned that Home Depot has pretty good deals on flowers and you can usually find an arrangement of roses or wildflowers for $6-12. I found a nice arrangement for $10 and a dozen roses was priced at $12 as well. You wont find them quite easily outside in their gardening section, and an employee didn't know what I was talking about when I asked him where the discounted flower arrangements were located. I did a little digging and they were located just inside the gardening entrance by the store's front entrance. It was a great deal and my mom was happy since she new her daughter saved a few bucks and still managed to cater to her green thumb. (my mom is an avid gardener) Thanks Home Depot and see you for the next birthday.  On a side note, Fresh &Easy also has flowers that are discounted but those are more suitable for one's home I think to brighten up a room.

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