Monday, January 14, 2013

Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Show

This past Sunday morning, I had the opportunity to attend a travel show at the Long Beach Convention Center thanks to a tip by the Deals Diva at the Orange County Register. I was able to attend at no cost and check out some wonderful showcases of some amazing places to visit. Being the avid traveler on a budget, I looked for the closest most affordable locations.
Before I get to the traveler on a budget locations, I would like to mention that some of the most intricate and elaborate displays for those not on such a restricted budget were the countries of Japan, Turkey and Indonesia. If you are feeling adventurous and don't have a strict time constraint, then I would recommend one of these places as they definitely would make a run for your money.
To those of us more constrained due to work constraints, family, budget, etc. then the following locations would be more suitable for you:
The first location I found to be attracting was Yosemite National Park. They had an amazing showcase and if you are looking for some serenity and peace, then I would highly recommend the location. The Ascent Spa at Tenaya Lodge "is a welcome respite for those seeking an effective, truly personal spa experience" A 90 minute spa treatment will set you back $175. A pretty reasonable price.
I found that a trip to Central California would also be a relaxing getaway, with many fine wineries along the way, however difficult it may be to find them. A trip to Napa might be your best bet. I entered a giveway.. here's hoping I'm the lucky winner!
Last but not least, I was able to check out the border experience section of Ensenada, Tijuana and Rosarito Beach. For the more adventurous type, Rosarito Beach offers off-roading, sand-dragging and bike riding. Don't miss their Baja Grape Adventure on February 2-3, "a unique off-road trip like no other.. a 110 mile FUN RIDE, from Rosarito Beach at the Pacific to the beautiful Guadalupe Valley" Check out for more info.
For the more relaxed wine enthusiasts, then Ensenada may be a better location. The travel guide was kind enough to go through their brochure of the "Ruta del Vino de Baja California" a winery tour located in the Guadalupe Valley. She explained that 90% of Mexico's wine is produced in this region. Interesting! Check out for more info.
A few of their accomodations include the Villa Bitterlin, "an ideal beach villa..honored by the cover of the L.A. Times" or if you prefer the quieter charms of a boutique hotel such as myself then check out El Rey Sol Posada "a charming boutique hotel in the heart of Ensenada"
Happy travelling!!! Happy budget travelling if you are like me ;) Always on the hunt for a bargain :)

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