Thursday, January 17, 2013

Movie Review: Gangsters Squad

Had the opportunity to watch a movie yesterday afternoon, matinee pricing. Believe it or not a matinee ticket cost me ten dollars!!! Wow I remember back in my teenage years when a matinee ticket cost $4.50!!
Anyhow, the movie was great. It was nothing like I expected. The title is very misleading which is great because that's what made the movie wonderful.
The cast was even more amazing and leaving out the gorey parts where I nearly passed out, there was some actual humor throughout the film. Ryan Gosling played an excellent role and women, the guy's a hottie! If anything, I would recommend it to the women for that role alone :)
Great matinee and worth the ten bucks!
The best part was enjoying it with the company of my creme puff thanks to the Barnes n Noble across the way from the theatre. Mmmmm!!!

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