Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"Helping You Do Business with Mexico" Conference

Today I had the opportunity to attend the "Helping You Do Business with Mexico" Conference. The Center for International Trade Development located at Rancho Santiago Community College District put on the conference to assist small to medium businesses expand into the international market.

Alongside the presenters was the Pro Mexico program that promotes internationl trade into Mexico.

Did you know that 4/5's of customers exist outside the United States? Less than 1% of businesses export to other countries, yet there are about 27 million small businesses that exist in the United States. My opinion on this matter is the fact that many businesses don't take advantage of social media.
Why should you invest in Mexico? Here are some facts about Mexico many don't know:
1. It's the number one exporter in the world in refrigerators, beer and silver.
2. It's the fourth in the world in Information Technology, mining and vehicles.
Did you know that half the population in Mexico is under 26 years old?
These facts were provided by the Pro Mexico Deputy Trade Commissioner for Trade & Investment. A recommendation she shared for trading in Mexico is that you need to have a contact in Mexico.
Pro Mexico is a federal agency that is free of charge. It was created to attract foreign investment in Mexico. There is one in almost every state. They can assist you in arranging a business agenda for Mexico, expanding your business, hiring people and finding a site location.
She also shared that notary publics are important in Mexico and that you need to have a lawyer in order to do business in Mexico.
For more information, contact www.promexico.gob.mx

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