Thursday, May 16, 2013

Farmers Market in Downtown Anaheim

The Farmers market was alive and kicking this morning at about 10:30am. A few vendors were still setting up their goods.
The first stand that drew my attention was the Aluminum-Free deodorant post. I went ahead and purchased their small bottle for five dollars. I've already tried it on and I love it! 
Their post is permanently located at every Anaheim's Farmers Market and they also sell their product at the Great Park in Irvine's Farmers Market. You can also order their product at a higher price on their website at

The other posts at the market included selling jewelry, corn-on-the-cob and fresh fruits and vegetables. I really like the area where it was located. Downtown Anaheim has some great restaurants such as The Gypsy Den where you can sip a Mayan Mocha while taking a tour of the Farmers market and perhaps visit Muzeo, their museum, which is located a few blocks away. 


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