Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Makeup tips for the summer!

I recently attended my favorite makeup counter: @BenefitBeauty. The reason for my visit was my appointment with the Brow Bar as I routinely tweeze my eybrows there.

Little did I know there was a special event going on that weekend, buy 3 items and get a free tote bag. I could not resist picking up a few items. Here's a showcase on some of their products and how to wear them for the summer.

1. "They're Real" mascara is actually the best selling mascara in the world! Did you know every 5 minutes, a "They're Real" mascara is sold??? You can apply this amazing mascara over their "big beatiful eyes" compact eyebrow kit. If you're always on the go like many of us are, then this is the perfect combo.

2. "Sugarbomb" blush was my next purchase. It's a multicolor blush that's perfect if you're into mauve colored blushes. I like their mauve colored blushes as I have olive colored skin and it goes perfect with my skin color. I own "Hervana" already which is another multi-colored blush with darker tones as well. I don't know about you, but I love blush! You can wear it over the Benefit foundation. My color stick is "Jump Rope".

3. "La la Land" lipstick was my third purchase. As this was my first lipstick purchase at Benefit, I was sad to find out they will soon be discontinuing their lipsticks. I love the nude colors for my lips and although I was sad, I'm excited to soon find out what new products Benefit has in line for us to enjoy!

I love, love, love @BenefitBeauty and I hope you check out some of their awesome products!


I also love, love, loved their complimentary tote bag and sample "Sun Beam" complexion highlighter!