Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My trip to the Norton Simon museum

I had a wonderful time today on my visit to the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena. The collection was so immense that I literally felt rushed to try and visit all the wonderful portraits and sculptures.
The museum collection is set up in a convenient manner by century. For example, you can enjoy the works of Goya, Rembrandt and others in the "17th &18th centuries" hall.


After visiting the "14th-16th centuries" hall and the "17th & 18th centuries hall" I had the opportunity to view a 20 minute video given by Sister Wendy in the museum's theater. The fim clip was just perfect in timing and very informative. Sister Wendy focused on the extensive collection of Degas that Mr. Norton Simon collected as well as the lower level's "South & Southeast Asian" collection.

After the video, I toured the "19th century" hall which housed the extensive collection of Degas and Van Gogh. I can honestly say that I am now a fan of Edgar Degas. I never knew this artist also drew sculptures of ballerinas. That is something new I learned today. He had somewhat of an obsession over drawing ballerinas.

The last hall was the "20th century" hall and this held some of my favorite artists which include Diego Rivera and Pablo Picasso.

After my tour throughout the museum, I walked out into the Sculpture Garden and found some exquisite sculptures throughout these peaceful gardens. (Just watch out for those bees and butterflies; there are lots of beautiful attracting flowers)

My favorite sculpture was the "Sitting Cheetah" as I love to look at cats of all sizes including cheetahs, panthers, lions, etc. You can call me the cat lady. LOL

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