Monday, May 27, 2013

My trip to the Richard Nixon Library & Museum

Happy Memorial Day folks! To commemorate the day, I made a trip to Yorba Linda to visit the Richard Nixon Library & Museum. It was free today!

Being a history buff, you would think I knew a lot about the president, however I left with the notion that I still have a lot to learn!

It was only a 20 minute drive from Santa Ana, my hometown. It was a beautiful museum and I would definitely go back for a special exhibit and/or performance. Today, there was a special performance from a local symphony in commemoration of Memorial Day.

It only took me about 10 minutes to find parking which was great! There was definitely a crowd so I was surprised it didn't take me any longer.

I really enjoyed "The Leaders" room where Richard Nixon commemorated famous leaders such as Winston Churchhill.

I also very much enjoyed the piece of the Berlin Wall on display.

I didn't get a picture, but I also enjoyed all the letters the children wrote to Nixon when he lost the 1960 presidential election to President John F. Kennedy. The Republican president was loved by many and that included many children! It brought tears to my eyes.

Mr. Nixon was a very busy person and took part in international affairs especially with the Chinese, the Vietnam War and the Cold War. He met with many world leaders and they are all mentioned at the museum.

I very much enjoyed learning about First Lady Pat Nixon as well. She was keen for wearing pink and we can see some of her famous outfits displayed in the museum. She was a goodwill ambassador and accomplished many good deeds while alive.

The presidential campaign car, limousine and the presidential helicopter are also featured in the museum.

I hope you are able to visit the museum. It was wonderful. Happy Memorial Day 2013!

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