Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A day at The Grammy Museum

I had an amazing time today touring the Grammy Museum which is located at LA Live.
The cost of admission was $10 and it was well worth it .

I liked the fourth level where you get to see how the Grammy trophy has evolved over the years. It has only gotten better with age.

One of the exhibits on display was the Jenni Rivera tribute. I really enjoyed the costumes she wore and they had a great tribute playing on a television of some of her performances and television moments. 

The Michael Jackson showcase was great. Many of his performance jackets were on display. I must say, they were quite the small size. I always pictured him a bit larger. He was quite a lean guy!

Whitney Houston is one of my favorite singers of all time. I love her music and I loved the dress they had on display. I wish they would have dedicated a larger portion of the museum to her memorabilia. 

Throughout the museum, they had plenty of costumes on display and Jenni Rivera had an additional display in the Latin Grammys section. She was quite the star.

I would say that my favorite artists displayed in the museum include Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson. They also had sound booths where you can check out some grammy-nominated music. That was very fun and I had a great time listening to the different genres. They also had a few video sections and I liked the pop video that showcased some pretty popular artists of today. I would definitely recommend the museum to music aficionados and families. I highly enjoyed it.

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