Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mexico Food Fair 2013 at LA Convention Center @MexicoFoodFair

I had the best time this morning at the Mexico Food Fair 2013!

The food showcased ranged from products such as salsas, tortillas, shrimp, mole and tequila. There was also candy, cucumbers, and nopales enchilados a la beef jerkey style. I bought a package because they were so yummy!

My favorite foods were the mole tastings and the tequila tastings. I tried some mezcal for the first time as well. Boy was it strong!

Most of the food that was showcased either came straight from Mexico or was already a product being sold in the USA . Those products from Mexico are definitely here to try to expand their markets.

I will definitely try to attend next year. It was super fun!

To find out more about the fair, please visit or @MexicoFoodFair on Twitter.

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