Friday, April 25, 2014

Movie review: Diego

This week I will be reviewing many films that are being showcased at the Newport Beach Film Festival. My first film is a short by the name of "Diego" It's about a 15 minute film that focuses on the world of violence that exists in present day Mexico.

The film portrays a little boy who is innocent and not like the men of his family. He is taught some lessons to toughen up and he clearly doesn't like it. The men in the family are violent men who kidnap a girl and hold her for ransom, a problem that is unfortunately very common these days in Mexico. The film sheds light on this problem. The boy becomes attached to the little girl and ultimately leads her to escape. In the end, we see the men in his family discover what the boy has done. The film ends on this note.

I liked the film because it sheds light on the many issues found in Mexico today. We see a small town struck by poverty and the desperation that leads people to commit crimes in order to survive. It's really sad to see it on film but I'm glad someone shed light on these issues.

I would recommend this film to anyone who is studying the violence in Mexico and the effects it has on the family unit.

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