Monday, April 28, 2014

Movie Review: The Divorce Party

The Divorce Party is a romantical comedy about a young couple (25 years old) who has just filed for divorce. The wife, Leena, decides she will move to Arizona with her parents but before she leaves, she decides to throw one final party at the apartment she shares with her husband. The party brings together all their friends and is a chance for them to say their final goodbye and sign the divorce papers.

The story takes place in the Silver Lake community of Los Angeles, a young hipster artsy crowd that is equally portrayed in the movie. Among the characters, we see the dynamic DJ at the party, the hipster best friends and then there's the wife's mother who despises the soon to be ex-husband.

I didn't really enjoy this film because it seemed to intertwine too many details and seemed very unrealistic in many ways. For example, at the party we see Leena walking around carrying a basket to collect all her guests cell phones. It's a rule they have that people give up their cell phones when attending one of their parties. Now this just seemed stupid to me. There is no way people would freely give up their cell phone especially at an event as large as the one portrayed in the film. I would understand if it was a small group of people but it wasn't.

Some of the details in the film are the fact that the married couple has no money. The husband, Kip, is an unemployed Special Ed teacher and the wife, Leena, is in debt over $100,000 because of a former horrific car accident. These financial burdens play a major role in the separation of the couple and Leena's mother comes to the rescue of her daughter's financial woes.

The description of this movie left a lot to the imagination. I didn't think I would be watching a bohemian type flick with young actors. I was expecting an older suburban couple going through a divorce. I would say that this film is good for young folks looking for a good laugh. I'm not that audience so I didn't enjoy it very much.

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