Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Movie Review: God's Not Dead

I went to watch this movie yesterday afternoon with my 11 year old niece Vanessa. She really wanted to watch it since her classmate mentioned to her that it was good. I thought the trailer wasn't that great so I went in with mixed emotions.
In the beginning of the movie, we see how a professor tells his class that they will be studying a group of philosophers that are all Atheist. He then has them write down on a piece of paper that "God is dead" and one student refuses to write it down because it goes against his faith as a Christian. The professor then challenges the student to convince the class that there is a God for the next three weeks of the class.
Then we are taken to a home where an older woman who suffers from dementia is being taken care of by her daughter. Then there is the girl who is a reporter and gets diagnosed with cancer and doesn't believe in God and then there's the Arab girl who believes in Jesus but can't tell her father about it because he is a Muslim. There are several stories that seem to intertwine into the main story and we get snippets of the stories throughout the film.
The main character, which is the student who challenges his professor, begins to prepare three speeches and hopes to convince the class that there is a God. There is a Chinese exchange student in the class who becomes highly interested in learning about God and phones his father in China who is not too keen on the idea.
There is also the professor's girlfriend, who is a Christian. She is the same person who takes care of the woman that has dementia. It is interesting to see how the dynamics work between those in the movie who believe in God and those who don't.
The underlying theme in this movie is how Christians are persecuted when exercising their faith. Two members from the Duck Dynasty make an appearance in the film and the girl diagnosed with cancer, which is the reporter, questions their faith extensively.
I will not spoil the ending however I will say that something tragic happens. Then we see all the Christians come together and take part in a Newsboys concert. Newsboys is a Christian musical group that sings the lead song of the movie, "God's not dead."

The movie itself was mediocre but I think the message it sent was pretty strong. A person should not have to deny their faith just to please those who are not believers. When the credits are shown, we see a ton of court cases that have taken place where students were persecuted for sharing their faith on campus. It is very interesting and grabbed my attention. The movie also states in the end to text as many people as you know that God's not dead. My niece then preceded to text her mom, dad and her older brother.

I think it was a cute movie and my niece liked it so I'm going to stick to my mediocre rating.

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