Sunday, April 27, 2014

Movie Review: Teacher of the Year

This movie was hilarious! It showcased yesterday at the Newport Beach Film Festival. It's a really funny movie because unlike most education movies that focus on the students, this movie focuses on the teachers. It takes place at a charter school in Southwest LA. The story follows a teacher who has just won California Teacher of the Year and is subsequently offered a job at a teacher's association for a substantial pay increase.

Throughout the film, we see how the charter school operates through the eyes of interviewers. The interviewers are at the school to see how the school operates and how the teacher of the year came to win his post. We see interviews take place with faculty such as the principal, the vice principal and the various teachers that work at the school. There are a few student interviews as well. By far, what makes the film so great is the hilarious guidance counselors who don't know a thing about referring students to college. I believe it was the guidance counselors that truly made this film a comedy.

I will not ruin the ending, but I will recommend that you see this movie. It definitely is a comedy and there are some serious turn of events in the film as well. It really sheds light on how our teachers face some of the issues found in high schools today.

Some of the cast and director were present at the end of the film to answer questions. The audience gave excellent commentary and one person asked if there would be a sequel. The director stated that he wishes he could do several sequels but probably not. He did state that he was a teacher for several years and this inspired him to create a movie about the educational system. One of the cast members also explained that his parents were teachers and one was also offered a lucrative position just like the main character of the film. This film helps shed light on this matter and how some teachers are offered non-teaching positions in real life.

I really liked that this film was a comedy and that it offered a glimpse into the teaching world. I seriously don't know how some teachers survive. One of the teachers in the film states how she has been teaching for 25 years and will probably teach for 25 more. I went to school to become a teacher and barely survived subbing for two years before I quit the profession. It's always a pleasure to watch films such as these however we always see the side of the students so it was a treat to watch the faculty tell their story.

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