Monday, September 29, 2014

Happy #NationalCoffeeDay!

I'm taking the time to write about something that is so dear to my heart.. and stomach. Coffee! I enjoy coffee very much and literally cannot start the day without it. I tend to drink instant coffee at home in the morning. My preference is Taster's Choice.  It's strong but not bitter. I sweeten it with my favorite Coffee Mate flavored creamer which is usually natural vanilla or hazelnut. I then add a spoonful of sugar and that's how I enjoy my perfect morning cup. 

For a mid-afternoon snack, I really enjoy the medium sized Mocha Frappe from McDonald's without the whipped cream or chocolate drizzle (To cut back on calories). Its delicious!!! 

Sometimes I meet with a friend for a cup of coffee in the afternoon or evening and we usually head to Starbucks. My choice of coffee there for now is it's seasonal pumpkin spiced latte. For the non-seasonal drink, I tend to order the tall hot mocha. I don't care much for their cold drinks. I will admit that I have ordered their delicious hot drinks on a very hot day! 

Sometimes when perusing the mall with my sister, I opt to try the coffee at Coffee Bean. I really enjoy their dark chocolate latte. It's delicious! 

Even though I don't have children, sometimes I spend quality time with my oldest niece. She loves going to McDonald's for their happy meals so we tend to hang out there. I order their small regular coffee and enjoy it with a friend while her daughter and my niece enjoy eating their happy meals and playing in the play pen. 

Whenever I happen to be in downtown Santa Ana which is every once in a while, I tend to visit the Gypsy Den, which is a hidden gem of a coffee house. They also serve food and desserts there as well. My coffee of choice there is the Mayan Mocha. It's delicious! On my to do list next time I'm downtown is to try Cafe Calacas. I've heard they have great coffee there as well. 

As you now have read, I highly enjoy coffee at various venues and in many different ways. I hope you now have a better idea of some of the coffees I enjoy. Happy National Coffee day!   

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