Sunday, September 21, 2014

Mc Donald's Build Your Burger Event #MyPerfectBurger

I had the opportunity to attend a very tasty event yesterday at McDonalds in Laguna Niguel. My niece and I were there to try out their tasty Build Your Burger option that is currently only offered at four McDonald's locations nationwide. Two of them are located in Laguna Niguel and two of them are located in San Diego.

We were able to take a tour of the McDonalds location as well. It was interesting to see how organized and specialized the restaurant was and how there are many stations that provide all the desired foods and drinks for their customers. My niece's favorite part was definitely the tour. She didn't dare enter the freezer though. She was afraid it would be too cold. 

The Build Your Burger station was awesome and so organized as well. The two employees working there were very friendly and showed us the steps they take when an order is placed for a burger. 

I had a great time and the burger which generally costs $5.79 was definitely tasty.   I also enjoyed my fries and medium Coke as well. I will definitely recommend the Build Your Burger option to my friends. 
My niece and I were very satisfied with our meals. 

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