Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Carving pumpkins #Halloween

Today was a very special day for me. It was suggested to me that carving pumpkins would be a great date idea. I agreed! Pumpkin carving and a movie was the plan. I definitely recommend this date idea to all you single gals out there. It was so much fun!

I decided to buy the materials for the date so I first began looking for the pumpkin cutters. They had some great deals at Dollar Tree and the 99 cents store. I picked up one cutter set at each store as one came with a book of fancy designs. 

I then began to look for the pumpkins at a few places. The cheapest places to buy them was at wholesale flower shops for the smaller pumpkins and Walmart and Stater Bros for the bigger pumpkins. Walmart had them on sale for $3.88 and Stater Bros for $3.99 each. I bought a few small pumpkins at the wholesale flower shops and the bigger pumpkins at Walmart and Stater Bros. 

The final material I bought was a newspaper to carve out all the pumpkin seeds and not leave a messy floor/counter top. All the materials combined cost me about $20.00. 

We started the process by carving out all the pumpkin seeds and setting them aside. We then began cutting out shapes into the smaller pumpkins first. After we did that, we carved some fancy designs into the bigger pumpkins. We did an okay job as it was our first time cutting fancy designs on large pumpkins. 

Our finished product was super cute and we divided the pumpkins to decorate our respective homes. 

I would definitely recommend this pumpkin carving idea as a date idea. It was really fun, affordable and not too messy. You can also add a cooking piece by roasting the pumpkin seeds. We added a movie to the date and enjoyed coffee for the rest of the evening.

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