Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Happy #NationalCatDay

I can't help but remember how much I used to love cats growing up. I always wanted to have two or three cats at a time. I remember there used to be so many stray cats running around the neighborhood that we naturally always had two or three cats running around our house. My parents would let us keep them a few days and then would somehow "give them away" or basically get rid of them. My parents never really were cat or dog people. They were more into birds and chickens. Perhaps because of the maintenance? Or as I learned while I was substitute teaching, most families in Santa Ana have once visited the swap meet in Chino to buy some chickens to add to their backyard. In other words, I believe it was a cultural thing.

The one time we actually owned a cat was when my older sister brought home a cat that a teacher gave her. We named her Michelle. That cat was truly special. It never had any fleas and would love to be petted during the day. At night, she would disappear but always showed up in time for breakfast the next morning. She was an outdoor cat as we weren't allowed to have her inside the house. There were a few times she was allowed in the garage but only because it was raining outside and we didn't have a cat house for her outside. We owned this cat for about 7-8 years and then something happened. My oldest sister decided to have a baby and that baby over the years developed sinus allergies. That was the perfect excuse for my mother to "give away" our cat. Michelle never seemed to make it home for breakfast after that day. My mom later confessed as we got older that she dropped her off at a park somewhere because she didn't want my nephew's allergies to get worse.

Sometimes as an adult I wonder if I will ever own a cat. I regret not getting a cat while I lived alone for a few months after my divorce. Although I had my friends and my Bible to keep me company, I think I would've been less lonely had I purchased a cat. Three years later, I was financially forced to move back into my parents house and being the "cat-haters" they are, there is no way I can own a cat in this house.

I would like to own a cat in the future however I haven't decided on what type of cat I would like. I think it would be ideal if I own a few cats. So there. I said it. I might be the cat lady one day. But it's okay. I'm okay with that. If the cat is anything like Michelle was, then it will be wonderful. Low maintenance, no fleas and very lovable. That was truly the perfect cat and I will never forget her.

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