Thursday, October 9, 2014

Movie Review: Cantinflas

I had a great time watching the movie Cantinflas tonight at the AMC 30 Block of Orange movie theatre. It was nothing like I was expecting. I thought it was a remade version of one of his movies, however it turned out to be a story about his life. I love watching these types of biographical movies because it makes me want to research the person and find out more about their life.

The movie was spoken in both English and Spanish so that was pretty cool. It had English and Spanish subtitles throughout the film making it easy to understand either language.

My favorite part was when Cantinflas was considered to play a part in an American film, Around the world in 80 days. He starred along side many popular actors and the movie was produced by Michael Todd, who happened to be Elizabeth Taylor's third husband. Cantinflas met Elizabeth Taylor and was a witness at their wedding.

The film also talked about how Cantinflas took part in labor politics by showing how he became involved in picketing alongside other actors for union rights in Mexico.

Charlie Chaplin once called Cantinflas the greatest comedian alive and he has been called the Charlie Chaplin of Mexico. One detail I thought was funny in the film was how the audience made fun of Cantinflas for talking too fast. I agree that although he was a great comedian, he did talk very fast and that made me miss a lot of his jokes for failing to understand what he was saying.

The film also followed his personal life and how Cantinflas fell in love and married Valentina Ivanova. He met her while working in the theatre and later married her. They lasted married 30 years until her death. Unfortunately, they were never able to conceive any children due to her inability to have kids.

I highly recommend the film and it encouraged me to do more research about his life. I found out on Wikipedia that Cantinflas' parents were from Cotija, Michoacán which is literally minutes away from where my parents were born and raised.

I hope to see some of his films in the future as there are 39 actual films he starred in throughout his life. He is truly a Mexican icon and I'm glad this movie made it to the big screen.

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