Friday, February 6, 2015

Chicken Soup for the Soul Cookbook

I went to the public library in Orange today and perused the cookbook section since I'm on a mission to learn how to cook. I picked up a pretty awesome book called Chicken Soup for the Soul Cookbook. I am going to start reading the book and share some of the awesome recipes I find with my readers. I am going to comment on the book as I read along and share some insight as well.

The first chapter talked about spending time in the kitchen with mom. I find that my mom spends a lot of time in the kitchen however she has never really shared her recipes with her kids. Now that I'm grown up, I want to build my own set of recipes and maybe learn some of my mom's as well.

Today's reading featured two recipes at the end of the first chapter. The first recipe called for making spaghetti sauce however I find it easier to buy spaghetti sauce at the grocery store. I like Prego sauce. I also figured it's cheaper to buy prepared sauce rather than spend so much more money buying the special ingredients it takes to make the sauce.

The second recipe mentioned was old-fashioned fudge. Since I'm on a diet and my family is pretty picky with their desserts, I decided to skip this one as well. I do hope to make desserts however I have to work with what I have at home. My family really enjoys brownies and cookies, not so much cake. I also need to be strategic in when I cook desserts so the whole family can enjoy it. During the week, my family usually eats out and there's no one home to enjoy home cooking. It's during the weekends when my nieces and nephews come over that would be the ideal time to make desserts. It's all about timing. The kids also like helping in the kitchen so I hope to find recipes where the kids can contribute to making the food.

Update: I didn't find any appealing recipes in this book. I will share some recipes in the future however they might come from other cookbooks or websites. I will cite them as I go. 

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