Friday, February 6, 2015

Happy Hour and a book?

This week has been full of adventures for my girlfriends and I. It all started Sunday afternoon at a bar in Orange. Since one of my best friends lives in Orange, it's convenient to hang out there and look for drink specials at the local bars. On Sunday, we decided to hang out at The District Bar located in downtown Orange. Their specials are fabulous. They have mimosas on Sundays until 2pm for 2 dollars. We usually drop in around 12:30pm and have a few. Football season is great and we have a blast watching the games.

This week was especially fun because we got to barhop to a few places. Being a single gal in the OC has its perks because we get to enjoy some pretty cool bars and since we are on a budget we tend to hop to happy hour deals.
On Wednesday, my friend Meaghan and I decided to go to Avila's El Ranchito and enjoy some margaritas for $4.50 a glass. We went a little overboard and ordered food and dessert as well. But there has been something going on this week that surprised me. At El Ranchito we saw a woman sitting by herself having drinks by herself. She had a book with her. Now let me say first of all, I am a happy single woman in her 30's but you won't catch me by myself at happy hour. I need a companion to share the experience.
I had to write this post because here it is on Friday and we are sitting at happy hour at Islands restaurant in Orange and there's a lady sitting next to us by herself reading a book. I guess it's okay for some women to do this, but I need people to talk to even though I'm writing this blog while we sip $4.35 Mai Tais at Islands. What do you think? Is it ever okay for a woman to dine alone at happy hour? 

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