Sunday, April 5, 2015

Book Review: Rise Up & Shine by Cristina Saralegui

This book was written as a "guide for the woman who struggles to support her family and needs to learn how to stop being invisible-the one who deserves a raise but doesn't know how to ask for it; the one who desires long-lasting love but needs to learn how to choose the right life partner; the one who wants a family but is not willing to give up her ambitions; the one who still does not know what she's worth and must learn how to toot her own horn." This book is basically a self-help book for the ambitious woman of today. It is the perfect read and I highly recommend it. Cristina Saralegui has been hailed as the "queen of Latin media" and is well known as the talk show host of The Cristina Show that aired on television for over 30 years. She was frequently called the Spanish Oprah. 

In her book she describes starting out her career as a journalist and then going into television. When she was young she went to college and was forced to drop out because her father could no longer pay for it so she mentions in the book how important it is for a young woman to be financially independent. She also mentions that we must set goals for ourselves to accomplish over time. One chapter I especially liked was when she talks about having a mentor. I really enjoy blogging and therefore I have a few mentors that I've worked with and continue to work with now. She also has a chapter called Invest in Yourself. In this chapter she explains that it's so important to invest in your mind, health, image, network and team. She talks about watching TED talks and attending the doctor regularly for annual exams. 

In the next chapter she talks about creating your own campaign. She begins by saying that we as women should cross-pollinate. In other words, we should get involved in several causes that interest us. For example, Cristina has always been involved in AIDS campaigns and then became involved in the President Obama campaign. I highly agree with Cristina because I have my day job but I also have my other passions as well which include blogging and attending storage auctions with my family. 

In Part Two of her book she focuses on relationships. She talks about her marriage with Marcos and why it's lasted for so long even though he is 11 years younger than her. You have to be able to fall in love with someone and not marry them for money or convenience. You also have to support their goals. Cristina felt that her first marriage didn't last because her first husband didn't believe in her dreams but her second husband did. He pushed her and believed in her and that was very important to her. 

Cristina also talks about her son's battle with bipolar disorder in the chapter Mental Illnesses Are Serious: Don't Ignore the Signs. It talked about her son being admitted to the hospital and how he is now being treated for the disorder. I thought it was well written and it's great to know that the family received help as well as her son. Many families don't accept that their kids have bipolar disorder and try to disguise the disease. 

The last few chapters focus on aging and spirituality. I really enjoyed the chapter on aging. She explains that aging should be done gracefully. She said we should make peace with our age and understand that we may have some setbacks. She then goes on to explain how she is not religious but more spiritual. 

I highly enjoyed reading this book and had plenty to share at my book club meeting this month. 

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  1. I will definitely be picking this book up to read! Sounds very positive! Thanks for sharing Bely!