Sunday, April 26, 2015

Movie Review for LaMotta: The Bronx Bull

The movie LaMotta: The Bronx Bull is based on the life of middleweight champion Jake LaMotta. "Based on his autobiography, the film deals with the tumultuous real-life experiences of LaMotta, from his violent childhood, to his rise as a world-class boxer, through his life after leaving the ring."

The movie premiered yesterday at the Newport Beach Film Festival that took place at the South Coast Village Regency Theatres. The turnout was great and it was wonderful to see so many people there supporting the film.

The film took us on a journey throughout Jake LaMotta's life as a teenager and then an adult. He began fighting in the streets for money as a teenager and his dad pushed him to do it to earn money for the family. We also see him get investigated as an adult for losing a fight in order to earn a title fight, a deal he arranged with the mob. We also see how he became a comedian later in life. He also had his way with women as we see in the film that he gets married five different times.

I highly enjoyed the film and learned a lot about a boxing legend who continues to live today. He attended the screening last night and was happy to be there. I would recommend the movie to any sports fanatic.

*Movie photo courtesy of Main Street Films

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