Monday, July 20, 2015

A singles guide to the Orange County Fair

A couple of friends and I got together last Friday and went to the Orange County fair for Opening Day. We also took my 12 year old niece along for the ride. I would like to share some of the hidden gems at the fair for the singles crowd that not everyone is familiar with and that have become somewhat of a tradition for myself and my friends.

We were able to get in free to the fair because it was opening day and anyone that arrived from 12-1 was guaranteed free entrance into the fair and guaranteed free parking. Parking was madness so we parked across the street at Orange Coast College which was also free. The great thing about the fair is that if you didn't get to enjoy the free day this past Friday, you can still get in free on their upcoming We Care Wednesdays on 7/22, 7/29, 8/5 and 8/12. You can check the website for further details.

When we met at the fair, the first thing we did was ask my niece what she wanted to do and she wanted to get on the rides. We immediately took her to get on one ride and then took her to see some farm animals. We then got a little thirsty and wanted to grab a margarita. We went to the main lot where large margaritas were $12.50. They were slushees, not margaritas. It was a total waste of money. I do not recommend them at all. After this disaster, I remembered in the past that a former single friend had taken me to Hussong's Cantina which is a Mexican restaurant located inside the OC Fair by the rides. They also serve drinks there and at certain times they sell food and also have live music as well. We went there for our second margarita which was $8 and was a margarita on the rocks and included two shots of Jose Cuervo and for $2 more included a shot of Grand Marnier. What a deal!! And while we sat there, we could listen to some Spanish music on their sound system. It was awesome.

Just to the right of Hussong's Cantina, there is a smoking section for those that smoke. It's conveniently placed between the cantina and the rides. After we had a drink, we took my niece to ride on a couple more rides. We then saw a couple more farm animals and then went to see some of the vendors. Visiting farm animals is so much fun because you get to pet them and take pictures with them which is so cool.

The next thing any single must do while visiting the OC Fair is to whiten their teeth. I seem to do it every year. It's only $40 and it's normally done for $99 at a dentist's office. It's a great deal and you can really tell the difference. This year I decided I am going to give up smoking. I don't think I can give up coffee quite yet, but the teeth whitening definitely jump started me to want to give up smoking.

The food at the fair is always a must for everyone as well. You don't have to be single to enjoy the food and we sure enjoyed plenty of it. I had roasted corn, my friends had some Mexican tacos and then we all had some ice cream. It was great.

To sum it up, I would say that you have to

1) Have a margarita at Hussong's Cantina
2)Teeth Whitening for $40
3)Visit farm animals

There was a section at the fair that was dedicated to trying out beers and wines, however it was closed when we got there otherwise we would have added that to the list too.

The fair runs July 17-August 16. For more information about the fair, visit

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