Monday, July 20, 2015

Get Me Skinny Book Review & Giveaway

Summer is here and that means so is bikini season! I’ve managed to shed a few pounds of my holiday weight by eating healthy snacks, however I wanted to shed even more weight and when the opportunity arose to read a fitness book, I jumped on it. The book, “Get Me Skinny” is a 117 page book that is such an easy read from start to finish. The author, Tony Arreola, my good friend and fellow UC Irvine Alumni wrote a fitness book and is now a personal trainer who owns a gym that is located in Irvine.

The book tells the story of an overweight woman named Aubrey who is on a mission to lose weight. She has literally tried every diet and failed. She begins the New Year by starting a juicing diet and committing to go to the gym six days a week. She fails horribly. One day she hears a few women at the gym talking about Mr. Skinny, the personal trainer who changed their lives. She decides to give him a call and he mentions to Aubrey that if she is very serious about losing weight, then he can help her. He then gives her homework to log down everything she eats for the next week. He also mentions to her that drinking water is very important. I love the analogy he uses when he talks about calories. He says that in order to lose weight you need to “eat less and move more.” It’s kind of like making money. In order to get rich you need to “earn more and spend less.”  He explains to Aubrey that “managing calories is like managing money.” It seems simple but it takes a lot of discipline.
Mr. Skinny then sends Aubrey on a few missions in order to explain the importance of healthy eating and exercise.

He first sends her to a doctor. Dr. M talks to Aubrey about heart disease being the #1 killer in the United States. He also talks to Aubrey about writing down her Bigger Burn. The Bigger Burn is the reason she wants to lose weight. Every single one of us has that deep reason we want to lose weight and don’t want anyone to know. It could be anything and the doctor gives Aubrey a few examples. The second person Mr. Skinny sends Aubrey to is the tax collector. Aubrey is always thorough with her taxes because she knows she will be held accountable. She has the discipline to turn in her documents on time because she has a deadline. It is not like that with her weight loss. She doesn’t have any deadlines or anyone to hold her accountable. This is where an Accountability Alliance is important. You need to have at least three people who will help keep you accountable with your weight loss goals. They will know your Bigger Burn and will support you throughout the way. The third person he refers Aubrey to is the drill sergeant. He helps her by teaching her discipline. He begins by using the analogy about how the bad kids that played, skipped class and didn't do their homework during the school year had to attend summer school while everyone else was busy enjoying the summer. He explains to her that her play time is over and it’s now time to set health at the top of her priority list. She has consumed way too many calories in the past and now it's time to get serious about her health.

After having met these three people, Aubrey is now set on course with having a MAD plan which stands for motivation, accountability and discipline. I will not ruin the end of the book but with this plan in action Aubrey is on course to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle.

I highly enjoyed reading this book and know you will too. I have already implemented some changes in my life such as drinking plenty of water and finding three accountability partners to help me on my journey to weight loss. I have also set a weight loss goal of 30 pounds however I will start with 10 pounds at a time like Mr. Skinny suggests in the book.

You can find a copy of this book on Amazon or on It is available in English and in Spanish. We are also giving away two copies in English and two copies in Spanish to four lucky readers. Good luck!

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